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Languages: English


License: Shareware

OS: Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows 2000

Total Download: 595

Size: 530KB

Latest version: VP 2011

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SmartDraw is software that helps you work smarter by communicating visually.
Publisher's Description:
SmartDraw is software that helps you work smarter by communicating visually. SmartDraw is used by more than half of the Fortune 500, and thousands of law firms, police departments, health systems and private enterprises of all sizes around the world. New Features: * Outline to Mind Map A mind map is much more effective than a text outline because it shows visually how the topics relate to each other. Now SmartDraw VP can instantly transform your text outline to a perfectly formatted mind map with a single click. * Automatic Sequencing in PowerPoint In presentations, revealing your visual step by step (called sequencing) can increase comprehension tenfold. SmartDraw adds this sequencing automatically when you send your visual to PowerPoint. Not just for data charts and graphs, but for mind maps, flowcharts, and org charts too! * Enhanced Presentation Features SmartDraw’s PowerPoint builder feature makes it possible to create truly visual presentations faster than ever. Plan and compose your presentation visually in a storyboard format. Easily add visuals of all kinds. When you’re ready, SmartDraw builds your presentation for you automatically—you never even have to open PowerPoint®. Learn more about how SmartDraw reinvents PowerPoint. * AutoSave and Recovery SmartDraw now automatically recovers unsaved files if your system goes down while using it. * Document Collections The new Collections feature makes it easy to manage groups of files as if they were one file. Send a collection to co-workers via email. Print an entire collection with one command. * Custom Template Categories Create your own categories in the SmartDraw Template selector. Group all of the templates you use most frequently or create a category of templates custom-designed for your company. * Automatic Document Linking Easily separate large complex flowcharts, organization charts and other visuals into a collection of more easily managed hyperlinked documents with the new split command.
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